E50 timing

Matt /

So I decided to start getting knowledgeable about timing and keeping my points where they should be (gap). Wanted to see what my setup is, so I got my timing tool, and after installing it and having the little pin shoot across the room from compression I realized there's no easy way to see my damn points with the flywheel on. I had read that cigarette paper is a quick fix to see when your points are opening, but you cant get to 'em with the wheel on, and your points don't open if it is off... so whats the deal? maybe I am just not getting this, but some help would be appreciated.

Is a timing light the way to go with an e-50?

Also, is it just me, or does the Buzzetti timing tool kinda suck? When I screwed in the set screw on the pin it bends the pin to the point where I can't turn the adjustment in or out. Also the tool as a whole cannot be tightened onto the head without taking off the back part of it, and then only using a deep well socket of whatever size, which I don't own...

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