intake options for tomos 70cc kits

Josh /

I've done as much researching as I can, and I'm still not finding a ton of great answers. I'm gonna order a 70cc kit for my tomos, most likely an airsal or alukit, but once I upgrade my carb I definitely don't think it'll fit in that tiny spot the stock encarwi carb is. I think I'm going to need an intake that'll mount the carb out to the side. Everything I've read so far points to the Jcam intake/carb setup, which I'll most likely do, but is there a cheaper option I'm missing? I'm really not that concerned with having the sweetest or fastest moped around. I'm just fixing up an old tomos with a bad motor, and I figure if I'm gonna replace stuff I might as well go for a larger cylinder, so are there any intakes that works with 70cc kits that go anywhere closer to $30-40?? I'm looking to upgrade from the encarwi, but I don't necessarily know that $170 is as far as I was looking to go just for the carb and intake.

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