Re: longer axles...bigger forks.

Chris R /

I have these K10/K11 forks on my Swinger 1...

The quality cannot be matched by anything EBR. They sit about 25" high. The brake stop is stock Puch style, and the action is superb. Best of all...THEY'RE CHEAP!

On the down side they weigh quite a bit more than stock.

K10/K11/K15 wheels are next to impossible to find. I'm putting an Indian 8 star on mine, but will eventually switch to something else. Stick with sealed bearings if you can. The stock axle is only 10mm so you have to bore out the axle holes in order to mount up an 11mm or 12mm axle...

Don't buy the loose bearing 180mm Puch axles listed on Ebay (A guy in St. Pete). They are not 11mm, but 12mm (unless your wheel needs a 12).

To fill the forks with oil just remove the top bolts and pour until you get the desired stiffness. I would leave the rest alone...You'll be hard pressed to find new seals for them.

These forks are awsome!!!

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