longer axles...bigger forks.

mit mortso /

i have a nos set of hydraulic suzuki k-10 forks. all i really need to mount them is a longer axle. the bolt holes go thru some aluminum, not just a tab. i can make the rest work. anyone got the hookup on some tomos axle sized threaded stock? bearings are sealed, threads _could_ be different. must be 12? mm. stock tomos axle width, whatever it may be. and about 20+ mm longer than a stock one.

also, i was wondering if anyone might happen to know how to take these forks apart? i want to replace the oil and check them out. they are old. the seals might be crappy as they seem to leak a little right now. there is a peugeot 103 or 102 in the photos that has them.

they feel waaaay fuken better than stock, pogo stick style forks. never had shit above stock. now that i'm getting into kits and shit, i need some good springs. bottoming out maxi forks on potholes at forty is scary as fuck. and i'm too broke for ebrs. these shits are like 250 w/ an ebr sticker. i got them on the low.

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