Re: V1 stock head...?

I, too, have similar questions for my V1.

I'm getting a newer style V1 bottom end with a needle bearing crank. While it's all off and apart, I plan on case matching it to my 75cc Polini. My theory (please correct me if I'm wrong) is to use a high compression head to 'offset' the lost case compression due to the increase in volume from matching.

As far as I know, there are two high compression heads for the V1 (courtesy of 1977 Mopeds):

1. Garelli High Compression Head, 48mm diameter

2. Minarelli High Compression Head, 56mm diameter

Which head would you prefer/works better with the 75cc Polini? I am leaning towards the Garelli one since it is designed for 48mm pistons (Polini kit = 47mm), whereas the Minarelli is designed for 56mm pistons. Any input is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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