Re: upjet 12mm stock to 14mm highflow ftw

well it actually ran today with the 65 after i installed the choke which i didn't even use so im not sure why that would make a difference

anywho after running for a while it started sounding like there was a metallic "tink" coming from the engine regions

so i shut off the engine took out the spark and it wasn't really wet or fouled any more than it was to begin with which i hoped since i got 65 and lower jets and i wanna run rich to start off a rejetting...

i took the head off and looked in the cylinder and moved the piston around and there seemed to be no damage or problem but I guess im running too lean so ima get some 70s jets from treats or maybe i should get higher since i plan on putting a boss pipe on in the next few weeks any ideas?

last time I asked for jetting help people told me I would prolly only be going up 12 jets at the most with my changes and that seems to be way wrong

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