Re: new bing carb troubleshooting

chip /

alright, the sp was lightly gassed to dry, but that shouldn't be an issue since the ped was running when i took the old carb off, right? i checked and it is sparking too. i installed a new throttle cable too but i don't see how that could be a problem.

i took the float bowl off and it was full of gas.

another thing i should mention, i've been trying to crank it without the high flow filter on it, does that make a difference?

does that mean it has to be the jet? shouldn't it at least turn over? i'm struggling a bit with this spreadsheet. it's looking like i need somewhere between an 84 and 88, does this sound accurate?

i'm debating taking it to a moped shop but i don't want to give in! this is my bike and i feel like i should be able to get it working.

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