Replacement EBR / Pit Bike fork tubes & arms?

Mustachio /

So I have one of Mike Thomas's bolt on front disc brake set ups for my Puch Magnum build with 17" Grimeca 5 stars. I currently have these prototype EBRs from treats:

These fork tubes/arms slide out. They are 24" long and the top tubes 30mm in diameter. They do not have a brake caliper mount. I would like to find replacement hydraulic forks arms that have a caliper mount that will fit this guy:

I've searched a bunch of places and can't seem to find a source for these fork arms with corresponding dimensions. So does anyone have any good pit bike part resources? Any particular brand or year that might fight? Would a 31mm top tubes work?

Thanks in advance for any help. I'd prefer not to spend the $250 to buy new hydraulic EBRs with a caliper mount, just switch out the tubes/arms on my current set up.


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