Re: Tuning PHBG Idle on tomos - help needed

RJ (SoB) /

K, so I'm down to a 42 jet. I think I might have to go down to 40 though. When I back off the idle air screw to try and get the idle down enough for the back wheel to stop moving, it dies before that happens. A sign of being too rich????

Also, I'm wondering, is it even possible to do a plug chop for the idle circuit? Everything I read about plug chops is about the main jet. This morning I attempted to do a plug chop to check out my idle circuit, but I'm not sure it was conclusive. I installed a clean plug after letting it warm up a little, and ran it for about 5 min between 0 - 1/8 throttle. My plug was just all black and oily, so I'm thinking too rich... but again, I don't even know if an idle plug chop even works :/

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