convert Morini M1 to M2?

steve /

i had a malaguti commuter 2 speed which was pretty sweet. shifted well, good low end and top for stock. now ive got a one speed commuter and it kinda sucks. itll cruise along on the flats and if i can get it up to speed, but it cant do hills worth shit. i looked at the manual and its because the 1 speed engine has the same transmission gear ratio as 2nd gear on the two speed. so its basically like driving around in second gear all day.

im just glancing at an engine breakdown right now and (obviously) the engines look pretty similar. the 2speed tranny and clutch is expectedly more complicated than the 1speed, but i wanted to see if i could just swap the guts out entirely and have me a nice little 2 speed morini.

any input?

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