Re: Pipe for Magnum

Sir Yancellot /

You profile says magnum II. The two speed pedal crank and arm will clear the Estoril, but the pedal itself and your foot will come super close to the silencer, so if you have big feet, your heels may hit, and lose footing. Definitely a quieter pipe, and good all around performance, but looks like a train wreck. Welds are sloppy, but metal is very thick and solid, still worth the $105. Makes for very fun riding,

Sounds like you already know enough about the Techno Circuit; cheap, noisy, great low end, sounds like an angry swarm of bees in a coffee can, looks cool, still worth the $80. Makes for very fun riding.

Currently running both on two bikes.

Also tried the Homoet; did not like it for city riding, fast indeed, but a real dog in stop and go traffic.

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