Question about power band

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I'm trying to figure out what's going on, figured the gurus here @ MA could help a two-stroke newbie. I have a '01 Tomos A35 with Airsal 44mm (domed head), doing 155 psi. Did some work on the cylinder before installing, but did not match the transfers yet. Stock intake but polished the transitions, the 14/12 Dellorto is using a #69 jet through a K&N filter, and the exhaust is just a Tecno Bullet with matched/polished port.

I have a flat spot in the power band around 36 mph (27/20 gears). I am guessing this is just above 6000 rpm; it pulls real well from about 26 mph all the way up to 36, then just sits at that speed for a minute. Finally it slowly pulls up and then once it gets around 39 it will start pulling stronger up to about 47 (~8200 rpm).

I guess the question is, do I have the kit and the pipe mismatched? They are both considered mostly top-end upgrades, but it just seems weird to me to have a dead spot in the band right up where everything should be happy.

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