Re: alukit 70 reeds and exhaust?

Jeremy Shay /

please dont use the stock reeds. they can and eventually WILL shatter, then you may have more problems than just replacing reeds, trust me, i learned the hard way.

use carbon fiber reeds, they hold up great and wont explode into 100 pieces and see their way back into your crank case.

treats has a selection of cf reeds to choose from, just dont get boysen. they're great for stock but bend too easy...

as for pipes, id suggest just an estoril or homoet, OR contact devin with motion left mopeds and get the a35 rev run pipe. pricey, but worth it, trust me!

as for carb, an 18 mikuni is a good bet, you will have to have an intake custom made, but you'll love that carb!

if you need any help with anything feel free to email me btw

good luck!

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