motobecane cdi flywheel crank nut confirmation

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Alright. After performing an exhaustive search on this site (google advanced search on, faster than normal search feature) and others, are the guys to have the flywheel nut that i need when mounting this cdi to my AV7.

However, it's no on quarterkick's site now. go figure.

SO, i'm guessing that since everyone describes it as a hex style nut, that this nut on 1977 mopeds will also get me where i need. that is, the left-hand threaded version.

Like most cheap motobecanes you get, the novi nut is completely stripped and ruined, so I'm gonna have a fun time trying to get it off. I'm hoping it comes off with my impact driver set to full tighten, maybe one good blip will get it off. From there, i'm guessing that this flywheel puller will also work for the AV7 as well as AV10, because the crankshafts are interchangeable.

Thanks in advance.

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