Making the new Puch Athena fast

Jon /

Couldn't find a post talking about this, so I want to converse about this. Like max-mojo, I'm also case-matching for a friend, however, I'd like to try to prove some running rumors wrong as much as possible while I'm at it. Dude's stuck with this kit, so I figure I might as well. What I heard is that these new Athenas just suck and they can't compare to the AJH. So I'm curious who can tell me from experience if porting the cylinder and raising/widening the exhaust has made anyone's life any better with this one. Also thinkin of cutting a thin rectangle in the intake part of the piston about the length of the 4 small holes currently there.

However, this is getting built with a Bullet, so I'm wondering if that pipe would just limit my efforts more than it'd be worth, though maybe it'd motivate him to get a bigger pipe eventually.

Thanks ahead for thinkin this over with me.


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