CDI: 5-wire vs 4-wire

Air Bud /

I went and ran my Garelli CDI without a regulator and blowed up the black box. Bummer for me, those four-wire CDI boxes are kinda rareish. or at least not as cheap and plentiful as the 5-wire shits you see everywhere for under $30.

So I question thusly: I just noticed on the Treats website in the description for the grey za50 box; "this is simply a universal CDI box, get it? the cheapest one you may ever find. so have fun, try it on any kind of moped you want." is there indeed a way to make this work on a bike with only 3 wires coming out of the stator?

My understanding of CDI units is very limited, which makes it hard for me to improvise or make them work.

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