MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

you guys must think im crazy its like 5 in the mornin and im on here postin shit, well i need some advice, all and any help in making this decision is greatly appreciated seems like metrakit is the way to go but reed valves have more bottom right?

Re: MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

the 65 metrakit has plenty of low end power. its one of my favorite kits.

70 reed valve seems to be a ripper from what ive seen though. either would be a good choice.

Re: MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

i have both and love the metra but it takes work to make it fast go for the reeds with a 4 pedal and a 21 phbg you wont be unhappy

Re: MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

The thing that i really like about the metra is that i heard that i can bore it out and get a larger piston(if i ever screwed up my cylinder u know) since its cast iron, the puch kit looks like some sort of aluminum one shot deal type of thing, but still its only 120 so you cant really beat that, i wonder how much a reed vavle makes a difference since i have a dirtbike that doesnt have them and it hits the power band pretty dam hard, when in the hell is metrakit going to make a reed valve kit? do they make one?

Re: MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

no they dont make one

and as far as over boring it make the kit walls thin and by the time you pay for some one to bore it out and get a piston you will be 120 to 140 you can get a new alukit or kstar

i love my metrakit

but for your first kit on a tomos go alukit my alukit hit 58.2 gps on an st you can make cheep kits fas and for some reason the alukits are cheep and really hard to kill

Re: MEtrakit 65cc or Puch 70cc reed valve?

hey man its funny u said that cuz i just called up a metra kit dealer from thier site hoping to get a 65cc metra kit and the guy told me to just go witht the alukit 70cc, i looked it up on google b4 and didnt find much but doesnt matter im more informed now, also the alukit is reed valve and fits right on my tomos, yea i know its funny how things work out, first it was the polini, then it was the athena , then it was the metra kit but eventually the alukit comes out on top i cant wait to get it and start rippen! thanks for all ur advice!!!!

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