Dellorto PHBG 17.5mm + Proma GP = ?

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I've noticed that there's a fair amount of love for the Proma GP on otherwise stock Puchs, so I thought I might get in on the action and put one on my Pinto. My Bing 12's got some issues though, and I wouldn't mind the excuse to get whole new carb - does anyone have any experience with a Del 17.5 and a Proma GP? It's a little bigger than the Bing 15 that seems popular with Promas, but my intake's only 15mm, so it'd be essentially the same as running a Bing, right? It'd just be nice not to have to get a whole new carb if I wanted to kit up/get an exhaust with more pull or a higher powerband (a homoet 4p perhaps...). Assuming everything else is stock, what might be a good range of jets to try out?

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