Re: IDKWTTB: MB5 Seat covers

Nash . /

i put the speedo/tach back on temporarily but they are notorious for not reading very accurately. on my last mb5 when the speedo hit 70 i was going about 40. on this one the tach would just jump ALL OVER THE PLACE no matter what rpm the engine was at, so i took it back off. i made new glass for it though.

when i got the bike from matt it had a bike speedometer on it. it still does, but according to a speed trap we blasted through in denver, it reads about 6mph slow....and if thats true i hit about 61mph on a stock top end going over the bridge in denver on the way back from casa bonita. certainly felt like it.

yes those are gazelles. 2.75s i believe. they DO fit under the front fender but there is really really minor rubbing. i leave it off because it looks more badass. hahaha

i LOVE this bike. i'm about to kit it, just waiting to do a trade for a bunch of extra mb5 shit.

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