Re: IDKWTTB: MB5 Seat covers

SABAT! andDestroy /


like i haven't been doing that since i was 16?

i have alot of money invested in your old snowcycle.

the seat is gonna look the part, i liked your seat cover, it only last one season tho.

@Jason, yeahh please!

@ako i emailed perk, this is what they said.

"Hello Sabat,

On the spoiler, some will make brackets to mount it and some will get longer side casing bolts and modify it as needed to get it to fit.

On the seat cover, I would line up the front where it should be, like the US ones, and let it line up the rest of the way towards the back.

Let me know if you have any more questions Sabat?

Thank you Sabat!

Perk L.L.C.

Rick Perkins

9919 E. 206th St.

Noblesville, IN. 46062

Ph: 317-371-8530

E-mail: (For Paypal Payments)


plus i liked the stripped down look and the skateboard yours has, square headlights make it look just like something out a mad max, now get yourself a 2ft mowhawk and a wrist crossbow.

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