Which weight for stock pa50ii with some bits

Marco Marco /

So i'm making two of my pa50ii basically stock but with:

boyesen reeds (for stock)

#80 honda carb jet

Proma pipe

1k dio springs

So I was going to get these polini weights from 77 https://www.1977mopeds.com/product/1830/Polini-16x13-Variator-Weights--11.4-Grams/ or the 10 gram or 8.4 gram version to replace my stock ones (i'm just guessing that 16x13 polini weights fit on a honda variator).

Any suggestions of which of the 3 weights might work best with my setup? I figured since i'll have the pipe and clutch springs that I can go down to at least 10 grams. Some experimenting will have to be in the works for me but i figured i'd ask.

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