Re: QT50 project

collin /

ya sorry its got the pw50 rear end. Im ashamed to say it but i have only rode her once since the exhaust was put on and it just kinda scared me cuz its all janky. The front axel and wheel is from a honda dirtbike so i had to re-drill the axel holes on the forks and i think i did it a little crooked so the wheel sits a little sideways. Plus the slick tires dont wana sit straight, you dont realy notice any of these things till your going wayy faster than you should on a little qt. Ill get it GPS'd as soon as its warmer out. im striping it down to the bare minimal to have the key turn it on/off and cutting off the rest of the wiring harness. Rear rack, turn signals, oil pump, dash thing is all off of it now and it lookin pretty.

as for the pipe its a PUMA exhaust my friend gave me and the mounting bolts on the engine case match up perfectly with no mods but the intake had to mbe welded and worked on for a few hours by a guy i know. scary loud and scary fast.

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