moped finally done! but no spark, hpi cdi

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

oh man! this is during the build, but my moped is finally done!

i aligned the marker (line) on the piece that connects to the crank with the red marks on the cdi according the manual, 2mm before tdc.

i have spark so i figure it would work! but for whatever reason, my moped wont start. there is fuel in the carb and everything seems like it should run. i dumped a little fuel in the carb since this is the first time i've ever started the moped and still nothing.

i have a honda hobit engine... and i'm really not sure i have the cdi connected correctly... maybe my timing is way off.

can someone pleaseeeee show me a picture of their honda with a cdi so i can have an idea where it should be set?

thank you!


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