Batavus Starflite exhaust and head milling

So I'm about to put a new carb on the bat (M48) and was thinking about the exhaust and milling the head to gain more power. I'm still sorta new to all this but I have a buddy that builds motorcycles and he has access to welder that we can cut up an exhaust and weld on the header pipe I have now. I was looking at this in the wiki ( "":url ) and was wondering if i should go ahead and do it and what kind of top speed i can gain using a Puch performance pipe after we modify it. I'm figuring with the pipe and new carb (Dellorto 14:12) i can get a higher top speed of 30-35, maybe more.

If I mill the head with the carb and exhaust combo would I be able to hit 35-40 or more?

Dunno, like i said I'm still learning all this and any advice would be helpful.

Re: Batavus Starflite exhaust and head milling

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

milling the head will not give you more speed. more torque yes, and yeah do it.

if you have a 20/25mph model (look at the sticker) then get the bigger header. if you have the 30 it can hang.

assuming you have the M48 engine, a dellorto 13:13 goes right on and is your best bet without a larger intake. also drilling out your stock intake to 13 or so is worthwhile if you can do it straight.

you can also raise your exhaust port a mm or two and widen it a little to gain some speed, should be able to hit 35 pretty easy- fourty not so much...

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