Pullinga clutch without a puller

Lil MotoGuzzi Vert /

Yesterday I was rebuilding a Tiger bike (an e50) and didn't have a puller. I needed to get the clutch out with what I had around... SO... I removed the clutch nut and threaded a shoelace through the clutch. I then tied it in a loop and hung the whole crank/clutch/clutch bell assembly from a mailbox. I had Matt pull the crank and bell downward to tension the rope and then I proceeded to smash it with a hammer (the fun part). I was not reusing the stock crank, so I didn't much care about fucking up the threading. If this IS a concern for you, just thread the clutch nut back on halfway. After about 5 whacks it dropped the crank out and Voila!! Pulled clutch!

I thought this might be kinda intuitive for you Moped MacGyver's out there but Matt encouraged me to post it anyway. Hope it comes in handy.

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