IS Hobbit polini good to replace nuked parmakit?

CtpEDsHED . /

My 1.5 hr old parmakit 70cc with a TJT, Proma, Jet , all that Jazz.

It sucked my de-comp in while setting the variator.

Too bad, it tore ass to 35 and I let up for a stop sign and brake check.

Acceled and slow loss of compression.

Gor for the pedal start --KRUNK KLUNK KRUNK.

I found my decomp valce jammed straight down the middle of my plug with the shroom end ripped of.

I had it RTV-copper to seal it, krack glue to hold it during cure and the pin in it.

It sheared the pin and sucked it.


Do I buy the 8 port polini, or just do the parmakit again?

My head has bite marks in side, the piston rings gaot a good nick, and a booger sized stab in the cylider at the top of the bore.

I have pics.

If someone wants to save the cylider.


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