Re: k-star port map

Cold Trailer GARzan Justin /

My top speed varies. I've been having problems with that 12v Hero Puch points stator, so my timing is less than 10 degrees BTDC with erratic spark. Excuses. It's CDI time.

Anyhow, it hit 51.5 GPS uphill with the 6p. It revs quite a bit higher with the Simonini. I geared down for all the city riding in the rally, so I'm not sure what my top speed was, high 40s probably. As far as RPM range, I hit 11k+ with the 6p, according to a tiny tach. I _was_ going to revise my port map a little for my case inducted motor, but I'm moving on to bigger things, thanks to Malaguti. I'm pulling the cylinder this arvo, I'll measure some shit for yas.

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