Re: honda liquid cooled kit? where to buy?

Uphill Nate /

I will tell you this- as someone who has played with hobbits for a bit (though I am by no means a 'pro') - and as someone who has played with more than one hobbit kt and searched out various hobbit kits-

Don't bother.

You may find them in Euroland for a lot of money. If you keep your eyes open and introduce yourself to said euro camino tuners.

They aren't ported any better- or at least they aren't so aggresive as to justify water cooling. That is to say they aren't so much better than the air cooled and available kits. I could buy either a malossi or a polini liquid cooled kit from the Netherlands, but I won't because those port maps aren't really anything too impressive- and they cost mucho bones. Like 300+

Don't bother... Get a malossi and rip...

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