Re: when you use your lunch lever..

steve /

i didnt realize there was so much distaste for lunch levers. lot of people are stereotyping them as like a cop out or an easy way out of tuning or something. maybe thats true on a more powerful setup, but given my 50cc with varplus i have 3 weight set options (w/o mixing and matching). the lights didnt get my var to open past 25, the mids were better, and the heavies were the best. if i could get slightly heavier weights thatd be even better still, im sure. maybe i should weaken up my spring. but for the combination of stuff ive got going on now, my variator is tuned as best it can be. so the launch lever helps me retake some low end and mid range when it can. more of a supplement to variator tuning rather than a replacement, id say.

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