when you use your lunch lever..

steve /

yes i intentionally spelled lunch lever incorrectly. cause id rather have a lunch lever than a launch lever but i think thats been discussed.

anyways. when you use that baby, do you stomp your engine all the way down into its most unvariated (low end) gear ratio? or kinda somewhere in between? also when do you start stompin it? my 50cc winds up fairly slow so i gotta let it get up to about 3-4 k before it makes any sense to stomp it. and then when i do stomp it, i push as hard as i can without feeling like im gonna hurt something. but when i look down the variator isnt _all_ the way down, but mostly.

my lunch lever is just a long bolt coming off my stock exhaust brackets... this works well but i cant imagine it provides the same leverage as one of those fancy pedal-shaft operated dealies. also really shreds my belts and my engine mounts.

just kinda asking out of curiosity. been thinking about gear ratios and pulleys and stuff.

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