Does anyone know?

Does anyone know if a 75cc polini head will bolt right onto the polini speed case without the case having to be dremmeled out?

It's about $240 to have someone dremmel out my stock case. and the speed case is like $160. So would buying this case save the labor?

Re: Does anyone know?

What bike is this for? From what I've heard the Vespa speed cases are already matched to the respective kit.

Re: Does anyone know?

Yeah, the speed cases have sleeve hole bored out to accept the 46mm kitties.

Also, you really don't need to pay someone to do your stock case.

Just go down to the hardware store and get one of those grinding wheels that are made to attach to the drill. Make sure you get one at least equal to the outer diameter of the sleeve.

Then go to town.

Of course you have to pull the case apart then put the empty case back together, but its a lot cheaper.

Re: Does anyone know?

It is going on a vespa ciao. I guess I should find a how to tech and start grinding huh? Well after my kit gets here ofcoarse. I am a smart guy and am very good with tools, I just don't know exactly what it is I am supposed to do. other than drill out the air intake to 13mm or 1/2 inch. I kinda have a clue on case matching, No idea on cutting the crankshaft or adjusting the timing. can someone post a link to a good thorough how to.

Re: Does anyone know?

Re: Does anyone know?

So when I am cutting the crankshaft I am not actually cutting the legnth of the shaft, I am cutting the disc? So those disc are what operate the rotary valves?!! So if I open my air intake to 13mm, bore out my case to fit the kit and cut my crankshaft. Do I then bore out the grooves on the side of the case to match the shize/shape of the port or hole on the new cylinder. Then that's it? I think I am starting to get it maybe.

Re: Does anyone know?

all the cutting is on the one disc?

Re: Does anyone know?'re gettin' there...once again if you get the fancy case and the appropriate kit, you shouldn't have to do much (if any) matching on the case itself.

Re: Does anyone know?

I think I may buy a case to do my build. While I play with case matching my stock case with a new kit, for my girlfriend. So will a stock crankshaft work If I want to variate it. Or do I need a longer driveshaft to acommedate the variator

Re: Does anyone know?

like the wiki says bout kinetic cranks...

_The newer Kinetic TFR-USA model engine crank/output shaft is cut differently than vespa and older Kinetic TFR models, so Vespa and older Kinetic variators and clutches do not fit. This can be remedied by swapping to a Vespa performance, or even an older model crankshaft. _

but really, if I was gonna get an expensive new case and kit, there's no way i would skimp out and run a 30 year old crank.

Re: Does anyone know?

Yeah, I am just going to build an all new engine. If I were to modify my stock case myself and use the OG crank I would save $270 or so.

I will make a non variated ped for my girlfriend with the stock motor, I will put a kit on it though, That will be my chance to case match!

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