puch mag ltd

chris /

i am in the process of getting a puch magnum ltd in mint condition. it has around 1200 miles on it with you a scratch on it. i want to use this as my main bike, but i dont want to use the za because of the amount of miles and i want it to be good for matching numbers and etc. also i like the e50 better. i found a 99 puch korado thats wrecked with an e50. what i want to do is get that and use that engine. that has a cdi right? and is that limited to a certain rpms? my plans are getting a gilardoni 24 mikuni, custom intake, v3 reed block. i dont know what exhuast to get tho. and prob a racing clutch. i need to know everything about the korado engine if it is worth using it thanks.

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