Re: more moby pics

Organ Robbin' /

You can still mount the air cleaner at the end of the black hose. I dont see why an extra 3 ft of tubing is needed.

I've seen ohh soo many mobys with the tanks crapped out, but it pisses me off when bikes have the little black containers on them, that shit is really ugly, at least make something out of metal or blend it with the frame.

I like the corss bar, but whats up with the mounting on the rear shocks. Seems like a country build to me. High fender, high exhaust...kinda like a trail bike but janky.

Just because something is custom doesnt mean it has anything to do with performance or tuning.

Really I dont mind if people are offended, if my bike looked like crap I'd expect someone to tell me the truth. If ya dont like what people have to say you dont have to listen.

I'm not trying to hate on the person who built the bike. Shti they could have lifted it and put stickers all over it for all I care, but I'd still tell ya what I thought. There is a difference between hating on someone and just speaking your mind. Its not like its a super custom and I'm telling him how it should be done, I'm just telling him it doesnt look like something I'd ride. Which should be taken with a grain of salt, cause my opinion isnt really important.

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