Tiny Tach

Christopher Staggs /

Question: Does the Tomos A55 engine have 2 pulses/rev. I got a Tiny Tach for Christmas and installed it. My rpms are maxing over 9999 rpms at top speed. The Tiny Tach Rep. replied:

The 2R model Tiny Tach is made for 2 strokes or 4 strokes that have one

pulse/rev , but some Mopeds will run RPMs above 10,000 and the tach will

reset and lock-up sometimes.

Some engines will accually have 2 pulses/rev on a single cylinder engine.

Send your 2R unit to me and I will exchange it for our new model that will

read to 19,990 rpm and can have the pulses/rev adjusted to different pulses/

rev. This will match it to what ever you have

Will this fix my problem? Has anyone dealt with this before? I find it hard to believe that I

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