Re: New Project Bike

Pat /

Well I changed the trans fluid today, didn't take the case apart but everything I drained looked really nice and bright and there wasn't any chunks of metal or noth'n...always good. About the gumminess in the bottom end, while the head and cylinder are off I took the piston arm and put 'er through a few rotations. Everything moves really easy so I'll just wait for kit to get here to do any more work.

I've read the spread sheets on tuning in the wiki but nobody really talks about jet size much. If I keep the stock bing carb, I'm sure it's got to be jetted. If I go with the 16.16 I really have no idea where to start, and I didnt get a manual when I bought it.

Still thinking about pipe. Is there anything out there that would perform well and still be decently quiet, or eh, not sound like a tuned out civic? Keep in mind I live in Duluth Minnesota where to get across town you may have to make it up a hill or so...also it's cold here so this is all in prep for spring. No real hurry.

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