Re: New Project Bike

Pat /

Good/bad news...I got it running last night. Good because it was really really easy and it runs great. Just took the carb apart, cylinder off (cleaned both with carb cleaner), and put on a new fule filter. Didn't really know it was running right away, quiet and smooooth. Bad because after it was running, I had the thought that I might want to leave it all stock because it is in such nice shape.

That being said, ordered today: Puch 65cc Polini reed kit. I have a Dellorto 16.16 carb sitting around that might fit but I think a bing 14mm is recomended. I couldn't find a stamp on the stock carb but the intake manifold has a big "14" right on the top, so I'll assume that it is. Kit should be here in a week (friday).


1. How will the stock carb and exhaust handle the 65cc? I guess we'll find out Friday because I'm just gonna slap that kit on and see what happens.

2. The Puch high comp head is also recomended along with exhaust. Thoughts? The stock exhaust is in great shape and I'd almost like to keep it on.

3. How much can you do to these engines before you start hurting other parts of the bike?

Sorry, no pics yet. I have them, just can't seem to get 'em posted...

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