Re: New Project Bike

Pat /

WOW! I pick it up tomorrow, can't wait. At first glance there are no scratches and paint is in in great shape (for a bike that is almost 45 years old) and all the plastic is good. Asking about the engine, he said it sat in a garage for about 10 years with about a 1/4 tank of gas in it. They took it to a mechanic that "cleaned out the gas tank and the cylinder", so he probably took the cylinder off and put new gas in it or something. After that this guys wife ride it for 2 years to work and around town untill the engine started gumming up (the soft seize). Took it to mechanic, cleaned it up, runs great for 3 months, gums up, sits, I buy it after it sitting for a year or 2. Other than that, he put new tires and tubes on about 4 years ago he said, they are nohing special, but hey, new tires. I didn't turn it on but stepped on it like I was going to start it and the engine is in fact not seized, it definatly turns over well but I can see what he means about gummy. Over all, seems like a great find. What do you guys think about this gum buisness...gas mix, carb, something like that? I'll try to get some pics up when I get it home tomorrow. Yellow with single tan seat, says "PUCH" across the back of seat...for your mind's eye.

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