NEW ENGINE BUILD ( first timer ) need advice

Patrick /

Hello I am the proud new owner of a piaggio ciao, or is it Vespa? It was manufactured in July of 1977. I am building a new engine for it and need advice. This is what I have came up with so far. I am a complete newbie to this. I have taken apart the original motor and am rebuilding it. I will then put it in a moped for my girlfriend. So here is what I am looking at. I need suggestions.

Polini speed case

piaggio 75cc polini kit (12mm pin)

"nice rich" brand crank shaft (12 mm pin)

Piaggio Ciao top one polini exhaust

Is this a good or even workable build? can I use cdi or do I have to use points and breakers? I am looking at this stuff on I calculate aroun $700 to build this engine. Is there a better faster engine I can build for the same price or less? I just haven't the clue on what will get me the best motor for my money. Open for your input!



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