Lots of e50 kit questions

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Yeah hi I'm planning on finally kitting my maxi and I have loads of questions as I have never done anything like this before. Answering any of them would be aces.

I may even write you a poem or somethin.

Basically I wanna start slow and kinda cheap so that if my piston disintegrates due to my lack of skills I can maybe not feel so murderously angry about it (I'm a good humored fella.)

I'm thinking about getting the 70cc treats kit + head party pack thing. Version I. Good idea? Performance at low revs is pretty important to me as I'm tryin to get up the big ass hill I live on everyday without gettin too sweaty (hill climbs use low revs right?.)

Thing is I don't think I want this to be my permanent head. It's certainly one I would keep and tune for a goodish time though. A "learning" cylinder I guess. So my first real question is:

Does that mean I shouldn't match the case? Say if I wanted to get a Metrakit or Polini later on would a case matched to the Treats kit mean I needed a new case?

Wow, this is running very long so I'm gonna bullet point what I really wanna know now.

- I wanna do a good rebuild and split the case (even if I don't match it to the kit) and I have read the excellent rebuild article on the wiki here but I'm wondering if there is a comprehensive checklist of the tools needed to do this anywhere. I have basic stuff (screwdriver, socket and torque wrench) but I know I'm gonna need like a piston stop and clutch puller and flywheel puller and Circlip pliers but I still feel like I might miss something. So a checklist would be cool. Though I could wing it I guess.

- Would you recommend getting a new crank? Will the stock one hold up?

- Should I get a new Clutch?

-If I don't get a new clutch do I need to remove it from the engine for the rebuild? Or can I skip that step? Clutches scare me for some reason.

Actually the whole project is kinda scary to me but I really wanna learn to wrench stuff like this and I need a hobby cuz I spend waaaaaay too much time watching daytime TV and I never do school work anyway.

Really any wisdom from you gurus would be lovely but I especially want to know about the Crank and the clutch.

So sorry if yer eyes melt from all the text but thanks for any and all help.

I'll buy you e-beers or something.

Oh and obviously I'm gonna buy a big ass carb like a 19mm PHBG and loads of jets (I already have a techno boss)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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