Re: benelli/guzzi pipes

pullstart /

thank y'alls. yeah that was my first build. kevin definitely gave me some good last minute help. clutch is all better now, but leaky seals inspired me to tear down the engine one night, and go on a scavenger hunt around the globe for proper new seals. got all the parts, but i'm pussyfootin til i get my vespas finished. the polini kit would be nice, but like kev says, i'm really jonesing for the 50cc malossi reed valve.

in her prime, pre clutch explosion, she did high 30s in flats. got there pretty quick too. sucks to say but ground clearance with the mamba is definitely a bitch.

Somehow i don't think the sprockets are interchangeable, but i don't really know since (to my embarrassment) i haven't gotten too close with a puch or a minarelli.

front sprocket

rear sprocket

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