Re: benelli/guzzi pipes

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

damn nice benelli pullstart! do you have the 57cc polini on there? i really like the g2, this is my third build on one and yeah he wants to keep up at around 35-40 and keep torque. stock parts not quite cuttin it. i'm guessin for a low/mid pipe to get on it, probably not gonna end up revving too high. also i haven't checked too hard but any other sprockets interchangable?

i think i have a puch circuit. agreed it should go to the throttle side though; yeah like the minerelli pipes. how's the mamba perform? seen it before on a robin looks good but clearance went to shit. problem with this one is alot of loading/unloading and less than 4" would be alot of pipebangin'. looks like the only option though- thanks!

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