Re: Tuning Q's: Puch/Kstar

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There are a lot of opinions on what constitutes timing on this forum that are wrong in that they are incomplete. You need to find tdc. There are different ways of doing this. There is very little piston movement in the degrees of rotation close to top dead center. If you screw a long reach spark plug in the head that will stop the piston in one direction of rotation and mark that postion and a reference mark on the case and then rotate the crank the other direction and mark that you then know that tdc is half way between those two marks. Mark this tdc position. Put another mark 17mm to the right of tdc on a puch e-50. Rotate the flywheel until the points open and place thin paper between the points like a cig paper and rotate the flywheel so that the points close on the paper. putting pulling tension on the paper as you rotate the flywheel in the direction of running rotation the points should open just as your 17mm mark coincides with your reference mark on the case

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