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I need to buy a timing light for Puch, Garelli, Motobecane, etc.

Does anyone know what the real difference is between these two?

Bright xenon bulb makes it easier to see timing marks.

-Accurate at all speeds

-Clamp-on inductive pickup, 4 ft. leads

-Trigger activated

-Automatic reverse polarity and overload protection

-Durable construction

Set timing advance without a degree scale on your engine. Simply set the advance on the timing light and align the timing mark to the TDC indicator on your engine.

-Easy-to-read 60 dial

-Neon indicator light insures proper hookup

-Bright xenon bulb

-Rubber nose protects the unit from damage

-Detachable leads

-Inductive pick-up

-Trigger-activated light

-High Impact ABS housing

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