Anyone put other top ends on a sachs?

Tate /

I have been considering what to do to make my G3 rip harder than stock.

I was just looking around and I noticed that the 505 1d has a stroke of like 43.8mm or something. Thats pretty damn close to the tomos/puch 43mm stroke. Like close enough that you could make up the diff with gaskets or even just port work.

The sachs A-C engines have a 42mm stroke and thats pretty damn close to a motobecane. That might be a little trickier though what with the screw on exhausts and the soft/floating engine mount on the sachs, plus the whole case induction thing.

So has anyone ever tried to put a tomos/puch top end on a sachs?

I like the idea of being able to put a 100 dollar reed valve kit with a reasonable pipe mounting system onto my G3.

I think I am going to try.

I have sachs and tomos and puch cylinders laying around so I can check out the stud spacing and all that and I have an extra open D case so I can play with it and see what the deal is.

Anybody see an issues I don't see? And don't say the clutch, because that has been used for too long to discourage people from tuning on sachs.

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