Re: Kitted Hobbit Overheating

David David /

Tate - If I was going to run higher octane I would go to a station with three hoses, but there is a sunoco 1/4 mile away from my house and I am lazy. Also, octane booster is a waste of money, it does nothing.

Peter - did I not think of that? I don't doubt you for one second that I am draining the float bowl.... I = moron. I was too busy thinking it was something wrong with the tuning to realize it was just running out of gas :/

I just did a search and didn't really find any solutions for this problem though....any suggestions? I have an aftermarket petcock from treats, I could get a bigger gas hose and (this seems drastic) try to drill the hole a little bigger....

And I can't remember what I've done to the carb to try to fix the the idle, I know I messed around with it a while back but since it was running just fine I decided to just ride it while it was running well (I had a lot of problems with it before I got the kit on)

Thanks for the help

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