Re: 50 cc high compression head

Tate /

Yeah I would say go for it.

It will give you back some of the acceleration you lose with the pipe.

One bit of advice I will give you though is DO NOT TIGHTEN THE NUTS DOWN TOO TIGHT!

Also just go slow. When you you wrenching off/on the nuts make sure its all the turning motion and no side to side or up and down motion.

Treats has a good hi compression head. I think they call it the HI HI compression head.

That one^

Also tomosi generally don't have head gaskets.

Its just 4 nuts off. Head off. New head on. 4 washers on. Four nuts back on.

Tighten down the nuts X wise. Like tighten upper left a little, then lower right, then lower left, then upper right and repeat. Its not about being really tight, its about being really even.

Don't quote me on this but I think tomos head nuts want like 7ft/lbs of torque.

As far as performance it will give you a little better acceleration all around. Sometimes noticeably faster on hills and such.

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