Magnum X e50 Crank Different?

andrewhed /

Ok so im rebuilding a motor today. Using a crank that i took out of a magnum x motor i rebuilt.

When i disassembled the kick motor, i noted that the copper sleeve that goes on the crank between the clutch was super super on there. It usually just slides right off. But it didnt, i needed to pry it off. Never seen this before.

So today im put new bearings and seals on the crank, and when i get to the clutch, again that sleeve its a bitch - now it doesnt wanna go ON. SO i gently tap it down with some oil under it, put the shim on , and the clutch bell.

Only thing is the bell wont spin nice and easy like its supposed too - the copper sleve is on so tight its swollen and is too big to let it spin. I hit it with a piece of emery cloth and tried again, but still no free spin....


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