morini MO2 pipe options?

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Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

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I had a Tomos Tecno Circuit on mine. Bolted right up, but I had to modify the flange to fit the stock cylinder. For the rear mount, I attached a spring to the swingarm pivot. That, a high-flow filter, and simple tuning took me from 28 to 35.


Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

Has anyone tried this?

Since it's two piece, it theoretically should hook up to the stock pipe's header pipe, since the stock pipe is a two piece also. Is there any loss that would occur from using the stock header? Any ideas if the expansion chamber on this pipe would give noticeable improvements over the stock pipe?

Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

The metrakit medium muff pipe bolts on perfectly to the 65cc polini kit. The stock cylinder would either need to have the fins shaved a little bit or the flange for the pipe shrunk down, but the gasket fits perfectly.

Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

Modified bullet...gonna modify a Minarelli Benessar and sell the bullet.


Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

Christ. I was trying to post this:

Theoretically, it should connect to the stock header, since both pipes are two piece.

Re: morini MO2 pipe options?

Third time is a charm. Dont know why the links aren't working for me right now.

Both the stock pipe and this are two piece pipes, so theoretically it should mount right up...

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