Re: basic honda nc50 upgrades advice plz

Tate /

The company that made the carb I used was called paco or pacco and the type was a mikarb 16 I think.

This is the website I have found for them

and this one

Looks like its a P61 or something. A lot of times if you e-mail a big place like this and talk big like "Oh I am intertested in possibly setting up a website selling carburetors and such" they will send you a couple different ones for cheap. These things are sooo cheap to make and companies in India and China are fiending for markets in America and Europe and probably Australia that they are willing to almost give out samples for the chance at breaking into these markets.

Might be worth a try. Otherwise just watch ebay for a flange mounting 14-18mm carb.

The one I used came off of a hero puch winner, but pretty much anything like 14-18mm with the same kind of 2 bolt mounting flange would work.

I donno if you have like a local scooter shop or something, but whenever I need a carb for an application like this I go down to my local shop and dig through the random carb box and find something that will work.

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