Re: basic honda nc50 upgrades advice plz

Tate /

Yeah actually to run that 16 mikuni I ran all you would need too do is open up the bolt holes on your stock intake. It actually came from India so it would actually probably be easier for you to get one.

That is the pipe I used, but its gone now. Long out of production and all but extinct.

If you know someone who can weld you might as well just order a pocket bike pipe and weld it up to your stock intake.

If you were afraid to hack up your stock exhaust the header on the one on that hobbit pipe you see on ebay would work, but the pipe itself would not.

As far as parts pretty much the only thing that you might have to order from overseas would be reeds which are cheap to ship and maybe a kit, but there are some decent express/camino kits coming out of the Philippines or Taiwan.

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